LumenRadio CRMX Stardust - 8 universes RDM

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Stardust takes industry leading CRMX technology to the next level with the introduction of features for the most demanding situations, setting the standards for Wireless DMX by providing unprecedented control and flexibility. Capable of delivering eight DMX/RDM universes and expanding the function of Cognitive-Coexistence with the new Fleet Alliance*, it has the reliability you trust and the amount of universes you need. The enhanced radio design allows for record breaking ranges on all eight universes simultaneously.

The onboard WiFi and Ethernet provides both configuration via web portal and transmission of sACN and Art-Net, while the Bluetooth* interface enables configuration via the CRMX Toolbox App.

With the intuitive color screen it’s easier than ever to configure, using operation profiles to quickly change settings on the fly while the built-in backup battery makes sure the show will go on.

LumenRadio continues to deliver the most reliable Wireless DMX with both CRMX and W-DMX compatibility, featuring Linking Key* along with industry standard 5 ms latency, error correction and 128 bit encryption at full refresh rate for all eight universes.


  • Eight Universe CRMX Transmitter
  • DMX/RDM, sACN and Art-Net 1-4
  • Ethernet, 5 GHz WiFi and Bluetooth (available later)
  • Configuration via Web portal, App or Front panel
  • Compatible with CRMX and W-DMX G3/G4s

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